Dayvee has represented more than 150 brands over the course of 15 years.

Dayvee travels the country representing lifestyle brands on local TV, so you can hyper-target your message to specific markets. She also appears on a handful of nationally syndicated programs.
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Also consider Dayvee Sutton as a  spokesperson for your next satellite media tour (SMT).

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Dayvee's popular lifestyle website The Daily Affair, features practical tips which include some sponsored brand reviews.

Dayvee is also a trusted presenter at trade shows and live events.


All those months of planning our first University of Florida Travel Summit seemed to pay off – and Dayvee was definitely one of the WOW details!! She is pure pleasure, her comments were spot-on and we are very glad she was with us!
Laura Phillips Bennett
President, Bennett & Company     

Nextdoor Holiday campaign

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