Dayvee's Story

Davina “Dayvee” Sutton is an award-winning journalist covering a range of beats: travel, sports, entertainment, movies, and a number of lifestyle topics for multiple platforms: television, online and print.

Dayvee started her broadcast career in radio working weekends as a producer for the number one station in Atlanta, then quickly moved to TV as a features reporter and producer for Falconsvision and Comcast Sports. Over the years she has built credentials doing work for ESPN, CNN Atlanta and CNN London, Turner Sports (TNT, TBS and NBA TV/, where she earned two National Sports Emmys. She's co-hosted a daily talk show for four years at NBC Charlotte and was the only female sports anchor and reporter in Atlanta, while at the CBS affilate. 

On the digital side, Dayvee has been a national contributor to sites like U.S. News and World Report, AOL, Yahoo, ESPN, The Root,, Black Enterprise, NBC News and USA TODAY. She also works with brands like Firestone, Lifeproof, Nikon, Coke and Staples. 

Dayvee is a highly requested public speaker and has presented internationally and domestically for corporations, conferences and colleges. She hosts and emcees various events in the community, including "Girl's Night Out" at Studio Movie Grill and the annual social-charity event My Sista's Treasure. It's one of the chicest events in the city and it's also a public way Dayvee gives back. 
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Dayvee is a part of the new wave of entrepreneurial journalists. Through her production company Dream Network Media she produces original content for TV networks, news outlets, online platforms and mobile applications. She's created popular websites like (the now defunct) NBA fan site NBA FrontPage and the lifestyle guide, The Daily Affair. She also produced the emotional documentary "What We Told Our Sons: Four Families React to the Trayvon Martin Verdict," which is currently on an international museum tour.

Now you can watch Dayvee in airports across the country as a travel tips host for CNN Airport Network or her digital travel videos on She also hosts the travel show "Beyond the Usual", the syndicated segment "What to Watch at the Movies", and makes regular appearances on the syndicated lifestyle shows like "Coffee with America." 

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In service, Dayvee has mentored children through A Child's Place, supported Wind River Cancer Wellness Retreat, is on the board for Samaritan's Feet Golf Tournament, a donor to Turning Point Women's Shelter and volunteers for other causes in the community throughout the year.
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As if that wasn't enough, Dayvee still finds time to play. In 2013, Dayvee was the #1 USTA tennis player in her division for the state of North Carolina and #7 in the Southern Division (9 states). She's an avid traveler, and a self proclaimed karaoke queen.

Dayvee Sutton is a southern California native and graduated from UCLA. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

Fun Fact: How Dayvee got her nickname 
Dayvee spent the bulk of her career in sports, and as you know in sports...everyone has a nickname. It means you're a part of the team. During her time at Turner Sports different colleagues had a variety of nicknames for her: D-Train, D-Doll, D-Easy, Dizzle and of course Dayvee. Her supervising producer started introducing her as Dayvee, and when one of the anchors tossed it from the studio to “Dayvee in the field” stuck. So although Davina says she loves her real name, now it's just used by her personal friends and family. To everyone else, she's just Dayvee.

Fun Fact: Why Dayvee plays golf
Working in sports you have weird hours: basically nights and weekends, which coincidentally is perfect for daytime tee times for golf lovers. During certain seasons, 10-16 hour days were required, which led to bonding time with co-workers. Dayvee noticed that the guys would play golf and deepen their bond during their free time, and she felt left out. They insisted that there were no girls allowed, but Dayvee wouldn't stand for being left out the  “boys club.” Dayvee bought some clubs, took some lessons, some official and some by individual colleagues who would meet her at the driving range. Well Dayvee is nearly 6 feet tall, and golf is all about physics, so Dayvee already had a natural edge. Once she mastered her drive, she told the guys at work that she consistently hit the ball over 200 yards. That, of course,  was something they had to see for themselves. Well, Dayvee eventually got invited to golf days and even was highly sought after for celebrity tournaments.