Fabulous and USEFUL presentation from Dayvee Sutton! You rocked! 
- Robyn Wright

Smarter Reporting is a fully customizable interactive training workshop on how to mobilize yourself to be on the edge of digital journalism or content creation, and how to build your backpack gear kit.
The landscape of content creation is changing moment by moment. This workshop is led by two-time Emmy Award winning journalist Dayvee Sutton, whose content reaches over 75 million unique viewers each month on all of her platforms. Dayvee will walk you through the latest trends and developments in digital media and walk you through the steps to start your own brand building platforms, and how to extend your reach by contributing to other outlets. Dayvee will also share the secrets of building a professional mobile digital photojournalism kit.


  1. what’s now, what’s new & what’s the future for digital content creators
  2. how to position yourself for success in an already flooded & comparative market
  3. how to turn your smartphone into a professional multimedia tool
  4. basic apps you need for digital photography, videography, interviews and social media management
  5. accessories are the key - detailed list of  recommended gear to complete your mobile digital kit & it can all be done for under $200!
*participants need to bring smartphone and selfie stick

*This is the 1st of four-part workshop series. You can book session one or the full four part series, scheduled for consecutive days only. Please contact for more details of the workshop series.


Backpack Journalism in 2015 means more access for freelancers, bloggers and aspiring content creators to have a chance to get into the games. This interactive workshop will teach how to produce a video news package using the smartphone. Participants will be exposed to basic techniques on gathering quality sound bites and shooting compelling B-roll and "selfie stand-ups." You will learn to edit those elements into a video package that can easily and immediately be shared online — and by the end of the session.

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